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KABtronics uses the PayPal system
You don't need to be a PayPal member, anyone can order using a credit card.
Questions? Email:  customerservice@transistorclock.com
Shipping for US $15 for first kit, $5 each for additional kits. Canada $27 per kit.
Most International orders are $47 per kit, email for details.
US shipments UPS, international shipments USPS
Transistor Clock 
Kit no plaque - $199
TTL Clock 
Kit - no plaque - $164
orderpage001012.jpg orderpage001011.jpg orderpage001010.jpg
 Kit RED - no case - $279
Kit GREEN - no case - $349
 Kit with plaque - $214
 Kit RED - acrylic and case - $307
 Kit Green - acrylic and case - $377
Kit with plaque - $174
orderpage001005.jpg orderpage001004.jpg
Neon Transistor  Clock 
Kit - no plaque -
Kit with plaque -
Surface Mount Clock 
Complete Kit - with plaque & power supply, $59
Original Plaque unavailable, The new plaque is rectangular
In Stock
In stock
In stock
Out of both green and red kits.  I need to deal with a part obsolescence issue.   A kit redesign is in process, but is proceeding glacially.
-- Overall status --
In stock:
    Transistor kit
    TTL kit
    Neon kit
Out of stock:
    Surface mount kit
Basically History:
     Calendar kit  
     World Clock
Out of stock, build in process