KABtronics Order Page

KABtronics uses the PayPal system
You don't need to be a PayPal member, anyone can order using a credit card.
Questions? Email:  customerservice@transistorclock.com
Shipping for US $15 for first kit, $5 each for additional kits. Canada $27 per kit.
Most International orders are $47 per kit, email for details.
US shipments UPS, international shipments USPS
Transistor Clock 
Kit no plaque - $199
TTL Clock 
Kit - no plaque - $149
uProcessor Clock 
Sold Out - will move to obsolete
orderpage001017.jpg orderpage001016.jpg orderpage001015.jpg
 Kit RED - no case - $279
Kit GREEN - no case - $349
 Kit with plaque - $214
 Kit RED - acrylic and case - $307
 Kit Green - acrylic and case - $377
Kit with plaque - $159
orderpage001010.jpg orderpage001009.jpg
Neon Transistor  Clock 
Kit - no plaque -
Kit with plaque -
Surface Mount Clock 
Complete Kit - with plaque & power supply, $59
World2 Clock 
Kit - controller (2 lines) 2Amp PS - $171
Kit - controller + display (total 4 lines) 2Amp PS - $318
Kit - controller + 2 display (total 6 lines) 4 AMP PS - $465
World2 clock orders count as one kit for shipping.
For larger kits contact KABtronics
Original Plaque unavailable, The new plaque is rectangular
In stock
In stock
In stock
Special order - email me first
In stock
In stock
Out of green kits.  I need to deal with a part obsolescence issue.  There are a few reds left.  A kit redesign is in process.
Oct 10 2015: this new kit has limited availability. Please email for details